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Our company is a manufacturer of trench, free-standing and wall-mounted convectors and design radiators. Our products are known for their superior workmanship. Another of our strengths is our individual approach to the customer even with his atypical demands. We have customers not only in the Czech Republic but in many other countries. Our company is strongly export-oriented. In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we operate on foreign markets. These include Poland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Romania, Hungary, the Baltic States, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The most important thing for us is a satisfied and returning customer. Here you can see our implementations.  

Hotel Scandi Spectrum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rok: 2022

Produkt: Infloor

Residential building Na Rybníčku, Liberec, Czech Republic

Rok: 2020

Produkt: OnFloor

Parkview, Prague, Czech Republic

Rok: 2020

Produkt: OnFloor

Hrdlořezy, Prague, Czech Republic

Rok: 2020

Produkt: InFloor

Sports complex, Chechnya, Russia

Rok: 2020

Produkt: OnFloor

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We are exclusive supplier of the PURMO brand

BOKI Industries a.s. is the exclusive (OEM) supplier of trench and free-standing convectors for the international company PURMO Group (formerly Rettig) - hereinafter referred to as "PG". This cooperation has been in practice for more than 10 years. During this time we have supplied over 100,000 convectors to PG. Thanks to this cooperation we have had the opportunity to deliver our products to countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Latvia and others. PG started in Finland. It then expanded significantly and now has 21 plants around the world. PG delivers its products under various brand names. These brands are Purmo (Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, etc.) and VOGEL&NOOT (Poland, Austria). We cooperate with each other to develop new products that are specific to the market. An example is the development of the New Aura free-standing convector for the Nordics market (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway).

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