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Efficient and healthy heating for your home

Convectors that make sense

BOKI heating units are used to ensure optimal thermal comfort in residential, civil, commercial, administrative and industrial buildings. We specialize in the production of sophisticated products with high added value. These products are classified into basic groups according to type and purpose. Full-glazed walls in offices and commercial buildings, conservatories and french windows in houses are the architectural and functional parameters of today. BOKI InFloor trench convectors are the solution. Do you want the heaters to ensure the thermal comfort of your interiors and at the same time to be an outstanding design element? Then the wide range of trench, free-standing and wall-mounted convectors as well as design radiators is here for you.

Trench convectors

The low and variable height of InFloor trench convectors allows seamless installation in the floor

Free-standing convectors

Perfect design and a wide range of combinations will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Discover the charm of free-standing and wall-mounted BOKI OnFloor convectors.

Why choose BOKI Heating?

Quality is essential for us

There is no greater reward for a company than having satisfied customers who keep coming back. And a satisfied customer brings in new customers. So why choose us? What can BOKI Heating offer you?

We provide comprehensive service

Individual approach to customer requirements is a matter of course for us

Long life products at affordable prices

Convectors bring a healthy climate to your interior