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Are you a professional? Do you have a company or are you engaged in business? Do you want to deliver our solutions? Become our partner. Connect your business with the BOKI brand. Together we are able to deliver a tailor-made solution for your customers. We offer you attractive discounts and comprehensive solutions to your customers' requirements. You can expect cooperation on specific business cases including technical solutions. Our strength is flexibility. We can respond to very specific customer requirements. We will be actively involved in your business cases from initial preparation to completion. As a matter of course, we can also resolve non-standard situations arising in the course of the project. If our offer interested you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss all possibilities of our future cooperation with you.


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Are you deciding whether to offer our convectors? Check out our complete offer on the web. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to explain everything to you. We will then work with you individually to set the parameters for future cooperation, including discounts.


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We focus on the production and development of trench, free-standing and wall-mounted convectors and design radiators. Trench convectors - these are fanless convectors working on the principle of natural convection. However, there are also convectors with a fan where the principle of forced convection is used. Free-standing and wall-mounted convectors - these convectors are available in a fanless version. Our complete range can be found on our website.


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Do you have any questions or comments? Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us. We will be happy to hear about any product that you are missing in our portfolio. You can find telephone and e-mail contact details on our website.


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Have you decided to offer and install our products? Contact us. We will set individual parameters with you under which the cooperation will work. You will receive special discounts. We will also provide you with technical and product advice.

What benefits can you expect?

Are you a professional, an assembly or a commercial company and you have decided to work with us? We greatly appreciate it. And what benefits can you expect?

Attractive prices

We offer special discounts from the standard price list. Discounts are based on the types and quantities of products purchased. In case of large orders, we can offer additional discounts. 

We treat everyone individually. Contact us and we will design a tailor-made price list just for you.


Technical advice

Didn't find the information you wanted on the web or in the catalogue? Does your client have a special demand or problem? Would you like to learn more about our production process? Let us know. We believe that we will always find the answer together.


Cooperation in solving atypical requirements

Customer comes often with non-standard requirements such as non-standard dimensions, outputs, colors, etc. We are flexible. We can also respond to very specific customer requirements. We will be actively involved in your business needs from initial preparation to completion.


Price / quality ratio

Our products have an excellent price/quality ratio. They are manufactured with great attention to precise details and 100% functionality. We offer very attractive prices. We manufacture in a way to eliminate complaints as much as possible. If a complaint does occur, it is resolved within 1 week.

Certificates and certification marks of quality

We rely on results

We are exclusive supplier of the PURMO brand

BOKI Industries a.s. is the exclusive (OEM) supplier of trench and free-standing convectors for the international company PURMO Group (formerly Rettig) - hereinafter referred to as "PG". This cooperation has been in practice for more than 10 years. During this time we have supplied over 100,000 convectors to PG. Thanks to this cooperation we have had the opportunity to deliver our products to countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Latvia and others. PG started in Finland. It then expanded significantly and now has 21 plants around the world. PG delivers its products under various brand names. These brands are Purmo (Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, etc.) and VOGEL&NOOT (Poland, Austria). We cooperate with each other to develop new products that are specific to the market. An example is the development of the New Aura free-standing convector for the Nordics market (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway).

Questions and answers about choosing a convector

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We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. We offer comprehensive support, advice and attractive prices.

Do not hesitate to send us an enquiry. We can also respond to very specific customer requirements.

Yes, not only technical advice is a matter of course for us.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you an alternative option for a given type of convector with a certain output - usually under better conditions.

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