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Grilles for InFloor convectors

Grilles are the only visible part of the trench convectors and allow the standard surface load to be transferred to the floor through the hem of the convectors’ duct. The shape of the slats, their spacing and arrangement effectively influence the airflow, which is expressed as a percentage of the free cross-sectional area of the grille. The cover grilles are supplied separately or together with the trench convectors. The product range is not limited by the size of the grille and includes all size combinations including non-standard and atypical solutions according to customer requirements.


Grilles are produced in transverse and longitudinal versions. The transverse (roll-up) grille has the slats together with the spacer rings strung on a spring. This version is suitable for all slat materials and for all types and sizes of convectors. The longitudinal (linear) version of the grilles is made only from duralumin or stainless steel slats, this variant cannot be used for F1S convectors and F2C, F2V and F4C, F4V convectors.


Grilles are manufactured with duralumin, stainless steel or wooden slats. All slats have a standard height of 20 mm. Grilles with duralumin slats are supplied in natural anodised, dark bronze, light bronze and black anodised as standard. Grilles with wooden slats are available in beech and oak, both of which can be supplied in raw, oiled or painted finish. Dimensional stability is not guaranteed for wooden grilles in the raw versions as the grilles may dilate depending on changes in humidity in the interior.