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Full-glass facades on office and commercial buildings, conservatories and casement doors in family houses – these are the architectural and functional parameters of the present trend. The concept solution of heating that meets the requirements of architecture and design involves the installation of BOKI floor convectors in their InFloor version.

Trouble-free installation and optimal heat output

Low and variable height of the convectors allows for a trouble-free installation in the floor. Technical solutions FMS ventilator-free, F1S including ventilator with electronically commutated motor, and F2C, F2V and F4C, F4V combining heating and cooling function optimise the required heat output; variable size allows for fitting the convector in any interior, various technical, material and colour designs of the walk-on grids render the interior details to meet exactly the requirements of the architectural concept.

The choice of the convector type defines also its function:

Two types of cover grids:

  • Roll-up cover grids for floor convectors.
  • Rigid cover grids for floor convectors.

Aesthetically pleasing convector cover grids are the main conditions for installation in private and public interiors, homes, apartment and family houses, hotels, office buildings, sports and leisure facilities. 

FMS InFloor convectors

FMS InFloor

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F1S InFloor convectors

F1S InFloor

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F2C, F2V InFloor convectors

F2C, F2V InFloor

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F4C, F4V InFloor convectors

F4C, F4V InFloor

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