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F2C, F2V InFloor convectors

F2C, F2V InFloor

F2C, F2V InFloor convectors are produced as standard in 18 size combinations, the product series includes: 2 standard heights (110 and 170 mm) 1 standard widths (230 and 340 mm) 6 standard lengths (from 850 to 2700 mm)

InFloor F2C, F2V - basic characteritics:

  • the most powerful type of convectors
  • intensive heating
  • cooling the interior
  • can be used as the only heat source in a heated space
  • safe voltage 24 V for F2C
  • voltage 230 V for F2V for very high cooling capacity

F2C Convector standard sizes:

  • standard heights 110 and 170 mm
  • standard widths 230 and 340 mm
  • lengths from 850 to 2700 mm in step of 50 mm


F2C Convector standard sizes:

  • standard height 170 mm
  • standard width 340 mm
  • lengths from 850 to 2700 mm in step of 50 mm

The standard F2C, F2V InFloor package includes:

  1. trench made of galvanized sheet steel, painted in black RAL 9005 and condensate tray made of stainless steel sheet DIN 1.4301 (ČSN 17241, AISI 304)
    • fronts and sides of trench with break-out openings for connection to the piping and cabling
    • accessories including M8x30 set screws for trench positioning, set angle brackets for fixation of the trench to the floor with anchor function in concrete, rubber grommets for breakout holes and flexible stainless steel connection hoses with sealing
  2. Cu / Al heat exchanger, painted in black RAL 9005, finished with two glands with G 1/2' female thread and fitted with a venting valve   
  3. tangential fan with 24 V EC motor for F2C, or 230 V motor for F2V and protective grille  
  4. cover plate overlapping the connection point to the pipework  
  5. chipboard covering the convector tray, fan and heat exchanger during transport and assembly

Optional extras include:

  • trench made of brushed stainless steel sheet e.g. AISI 304 or AISI 316Ti or other material according to customer's request
  • speed controllers, room temperature sensor, room thermostats, remote control of room thermostats
  • shut-off and control fitting, thermostatic valve, electrothermal valve actuator
  • water temperature sensor for heating / cooling changeover
  • external three-sided thermal and acoustic insulation of the whole trench
  • coating of the trench, exchanger and other components in a different colour according to the RAL colour chart
  • uncoated heat exchanger

F2C, F2V floor convector order codes

Trench material
F2C = InFloor with a impellor

F2V = InFloor with a impellor

23 = 230 mm
34 = 340 mm

34 = 340 mm

085 = 850 mm
270 = 2700 mm

11 = 110 mm
17 = 170 mm

17 = 170 mm

01 = galvanized, standard version
11 = stainless steel, standard version


InFloor Convector, type F2C, width 230 mm, length 1600 mm, height 110 mm, stainless steel trench, standard version

F2C - 23 - 160 - 11 - 11

Ordering code: F2C-23-160-11-11

InFloor Convector, type F2V, width 340 mm, length 2700 mm, height 170 mm, stainless steel trench, standard version

F2V - 34 - 270 - 17 - 11

Ordering code: F2V-34-270-17-11

F2C, F2V InFloor convectors - gallery

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3D model of a F2C and F2V convectors

3D model of a F2C and F2V convectors View larger preview

Dimensions and connection methods for F2C and F2V convectors

View larger preview

Heat output regulators and other accessories

Heat output regulators and other accessories Read more

Technical specifications InFloor F2C, F2V

Heat output measured by an accredited laboratory according to EN 442

Maximum operating pressure of 1.0 MPa (10 bar)

Maximum operating temperature 110° C

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